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Built for India's wealth managers. 10x your workflows and client experience.

AI-first Tool

Analytics and GPT interface

One-Stop Shop

All wealth tech needs in one tool

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A technology-first approach to wealth management

Our goal with technology is simple: a better client experience and no manual work. We want to free you to focus on your core expertise: wealth management.

Simply, we think you'll be a lot more successful as a wealth manager with Paasa.

Account Aggregation

No need to manually input stocks, bonds, MF, or FD data anymore. Our Account Aggregator takes care of it.

Performance Reporting

See key metrics, breakdowns, and conduct simulations on your client's portfolios.

Client Management

An integrated customer-management tool with typical wealth management workflows in-built.


Benchmark your clients' portfolios with risk-profiling, re-balancing and goal planning. Do the same for your RMs' monthly targets.

Loved by clients

Mobile app so your clients can see the alpha you create for them.

Your Alpha with Paasa

Portfolio analytics, a customer-relationship manager, mobile app for your clients, and more.

Introducing Paasa AI

Slice it, dice it. Make your data speak for itself, beyond tables and pie charts.

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For wealth managers by passionate developers

The Finance and Tech landscape in India is evolving fast. Leverage today's technology and financial frameworks to bring productivity to your wealth practice.

Nice-to-haves today will be must-haves tomorrow. Good technology is the difference.